Saturday, January 30, 2010

Along the Road Leading to Hagerman Pass

One day on a painting trip over in the Aspen and Basalt area I braved a lone excursion over Hagerman Pass in the trusty ole white Honda Pilot. I was scared, very scared at one point, but the frightening yet exciting adventure was well worth the painitings and photos I got!!!

Pastel 9 x 12



  1. Hey you! Happy New Year! (can I still say that in February?)

    Cool painting!
    My favorite hiking trail is on the Leadville side of Hagerman pass .. old railroad tracks, mining trailings, cabin remnants, and fantastic views. And you're right, precarious driving! You probably made it back more alive than ever.

  2. Hi Tracy!!!! I'm sorry, I only just realized there were comments!!!!lol. Well then, we should go hiking together sometime soon when weather allows!!!!! I bought a jeep too- want to go on a wild painting excursion???!!!! Let's do it!