Monday, October 31, 2016

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Cat Sketch Fever: Fat Cat Series 7

This one made me sad. I was already sad.  Nick had just left for college and I spent the day cleaning out his room. ( With all his treasures gone the room was still a mess!  18 years of a mess.

Cat spent the entire time in the room on Nick's couch. Like this. Just a broken- hearted kitty.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

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Fat Cat Series #6

Nick found this cat on Craig's list.  He fell in love and knew this was The Cat.  It was his birthday and this is what he wanted.  His good friend Joe called me up and asked if he could be the one to go and get the cat and buy it for Nick.
What a sweet friend.  We went together, then surprised Nick with a bunch of friends and the tiny kitten on his 17th  birthday.

Friday, October 28, 2016

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Fat Cat Series # 5

Cat is unpredictable.  She's warm and cuddly, sweet and affectionate one minute, and then, for no reason at all,  agitated and nasty,  scratching and biting the next. I remember the vet telling me that cats taken from the litter too young can grow up to be "holy terrors".  When I asked her, skeptically, what exactly she meant by that, she just said, " oh, you'll find out".  She called that one right!

Cat, in peaceful repose after a splendid nights sleep. All is well in Cat's world right now.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Fat Cat Series # 4

Large and lazy kitty, finally on her tummy, contemplating getting up off the bed for a while. Probably to check to see if her food dish has anything in it. 
She gets exceedingly anxious if she finds it empty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Cat wasn't always called Cat.  We always name out cats, but regardless of any given name they almost always end up, "Cat" or "Kitty".

Yet another position of very lazy, very fat and slothful kitty

A slothful kitty isn't pretty,
But pretty funny
 When you tickle her tummy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fat Cat Series, Art Journaling, Daily Sketches, sketching,sketchy, drawings,drawing,art, Cats, Kittens

We were told Cat was 8 weeks old, but when we picked her up she was itty bitty, not yet weened and somewhat frail. But precious. The single mother of toddlers who sold us Cat was stressed out and wanted the kittens GONE.  The vet guessed Cat was 4 weeks at best.

She developed diarrhea ( can be deadly in such a tiny, young creature) and we had to watch over her carefully night and day for weeks. She was fed formula out of a bottle.

This Cat loves to eat.  She meows incessantly when she finds her food dish empty, even if she isn't at all hungry.  It's the principle of an empty dish, to this fat cat.

Monday, October 24, 2016

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It's been a couple of months since I made the commitment to draw every single day.  I should have started this 10 years ago when I began my art career in earnest.   I'm loving it and it's a great discipline.

An easy subject is my cat, Cat.  She's the first thing I see each morning (since she sleeps at the foot of the bed and since hubby is up by 4:30 am), so I just grab one of my art journals, a cup of coffee, and start drawing away!  I thought I'd resurrect my blog by sharing the sketches.

So here is the first of:

The story of my cat, take her home.
Drove for hours, kept her warm inside.
Story of my cat. ( story of, story of)
Story of my cat, I gave her milk
Stayed up all night
Nursed her back to health.
Story of my cat.  ( story of, story of)

As you can see, Cat loves to eat.  She developed a problem with food shortly after she was spayed. I'm not going into theories of why that might be; just providing a bit of the back story.
She spends a great deal of time on the bed.
Or at her food dish.

This cat has personality plus.  And she exudes it in her body language, which makes her a great sketching subject.

See you tomorrow.