Meet the Artist

Hi, I am Tracy!

...Dermatologist (retired)

I love life and wish there were many more hours in each day to enjoy:
reading, running, biking, hiking, soap-making, crafting, camping, traveling, Bible study and playing the piano, flute and bass guitar.

But I am blessed beyond measure to be able to work from home in my studio doing what I love: painting the beautiful local Colorado landscape in oil, pastel and acrylics.  Color is my all-consuming passion and the principal element in my work.  I love exploring the power of color to convey various aspects of a location.  I often paint on location ( plein air) for study purposes mostly. It's a much more difficult way to paint, but absolutely essential for the landscape painter.

My studio is my go- to place. It is here I create most of my works and take care of the business side of art. It's mostly an organized mess, with a rustic-chic feel.  Add a scented candle and background music...heaven!

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