Thursday, February 19, 2015

Floral in Oil

Every Wednesday I meet with a group of wonderful gals over coffee.  We have been going through a book called Champagne for the Soul by Mike Mason.  It's about rediscovering joy in the daily grind. Each week I am loathe to leave the studio- so much work to be done! But I always do go, and every time, without fail, I leave rejuvenated, happy, and excited about life.  Friends are a great blessing.

I think artists tend to be natural introverts.  It is so easy to hole up in the studio and forget to get out and interact with the world.  I have made a concerted effort to strike a better balance this year, and it's been good.

Here are some other recent good reads that I'd like to share with you:

Show your Work by Austin Kleon
Creating a Beautiful Home by Alexandra Stoddard
Do what you Love, the Money will Follow - Marsha Sinetar

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