Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tracy Haines original art acrylic paintings art on canvas Colorado landscapes fine art

Title:  Neighbor
Artist: Tracy Haines
Medium:  acrylic on 6x6x11/4 inch wrapped canvas
 Size: 6x6"
Unframed :  This piece can hang on the wall from a nail as is, or can stand on a tabletop

I see this view from my upstairs window each morning.  The light this day was just lovely.
My work varies from impressionistic to occasionally expressionistic. 
 Expressionism seeks to depict the feeling of the place, pushing colors and values as needed to relate the scene as experienced by the painter at the time. On this occasion, I did not need to push color much, except in the foreground  lawn a bit to make the painting really "sing".

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