Friday, June 19, 2015

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The Summer Art Market was a success and is so much fun to do , despite the hard work.
It's always interesting to me to watch and listen to find out what art patrons like or don't care for as much.
This painting, which was done last minute- just a couple days before the show- was the most popular.
I would not have predicted this; quite a surprise to me.

The Garden, 30x30 acrylic

I am taking one of Alyson Stanfield's 6 week  marketing webinars.  One of the things I am learning is the importance of developing and maintaining an e-mail list and sending out regular newsletters.  I simply have not focused on this much in the past but finally created and mailed out my first one yesterday!  If you are interested in receiving it ( and it will go out only 4 times a year), please sign up.
Go to  this link to sign up ( and scroll to bottom of the page) :Newsletter Sign Up

To help get my newsletter off and running, I offered a free painting giveaway raffle for those signing up for the newsletter. 
Ann LaForte was the lucky winner of this little bird: ( and the birds were really a hit; they literally flew out of the booth!
It is fun and rewarding to give recipients a nicely packaged piece of art!  It takes so little effort and can make such a difference for someone.  One of my clients mentioned how much she enjoys the quotes that I stick on the back of some paintings or packaging materials.

Would you like a bird?

4x4x1 1/2 oil/canvas, sides painted black 
$ 45.00

Speaking of birds,  looking for a FANTASTIC read for a lazy summer day? I absolutely loved the book, Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien
It is a true and heartwarming story about a girl and her owl.  You'll not only not be able to put the book down, but you will learn a lot about owls. I think it's a must read and it renewed my love and fascination with birds.

Studio Tip of the Week:

Print out a small thumbnail of each painting. Have several copies of each on hand.  Paste one in the upper corner of a page.  On that page document the painting's history (where the paintings have shown , when it sells or is donated, etc.)
Place these sheets in a binder.  I number each painting and file them by number, since names get forgotten or re-used.
The other thumbnails I place on the box in which the painting is stored, on a bullitin board to remind me which paintings are earmarked for upcoming shows or competitions, etc.  This system is really working well for me.  I hope it helps you.

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 I will start adding more painting giveaways from the facebook page in order to continue to grow my newsletter sign ups!

My goal this year is to become a better businesswoman.  I appreciate your support and thank you for reading this!

Have a wonderful Joy-filled week!

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