Friday, June 26, 2015

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Why my studio ( and perhaps yours too) must remain in a state of perpetual organized messy chaos:

Try as I may, I cannot, for the life of me, KEEP my studio neat and clean.  I do actually clean and organize it fairly regularly, but it immediately and always reverts back to something similar to the shot posted above.  I have fought this for years, but- no longer!  I am going to embrace the mess instead.  I'm going to have a mind-set change.
After listening to yet another #Artist Helping Artist podcast on the subject I finally gained some insight into this.
Artists are visual people, through and through.  Out of sight, out of mind.  We need to see it to know that we have it in our possession. The overly organized artist that hasn't yet recognized this, has, you can bet, more frames on hand than she thinks she has, extra tubes of that particular paint color he thought he'd run out of, and so on.

Which leads me to the....

Studio Tip of the Week

Install open shelving in the studio.  Place wire baskets on the shelves and label everything. This "open" storage system is working much better for me than the old "neatly tucked away" system ever did.   

Open shelving and open baskets, installed and ready and waiting to be filled in an organized manner of some sort. ( it's on the To Do list, towards the bottom.....I'm getting there!)

A non-artist friend, a neat-nik,  ( you know who you are, JB) told me open wire baskets, though neat-looking, would look messy on the shelves once I filled them up. She's right, they do look a bit messy once filled with my stuff, but at least I always know what I have on hand and where it is.

So, learn to live with a bit more of a mess than you like-embrace it, and drop the guilt. It's your studio!


Playing around with a different palette the other day, and with a different style, I produced this piece, which I really ended up liking.  It's currently at a local boutique.  I am interested in hearing some feedback on it!
             Flowers, 20x20x1 1/2 acrylic on wrapped canvas
                                           $ 495.00

This painting and many others are now available as prints ( on paper, canvas, tote bags, pillows,etc).
Here is one example of a painting on a tote bag:

Well that is it for now!  Thank you for reading! Until next week:

EnJOY your days, embrace your mess :)

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