Thursday, March 5, 2015

Acrylic Underpainting by landscape artist Tracy Haines,Figurative, the zone, right brain activity

For so long I've wanted to tackle this image of my daughter, which was taken several years ago.  I liked the casualty of the pose, the attitude. It's Jordyn!

I finally started!  This is the acrylic underpainting.  I don't often start an oil this way, but lately have been playing around with loose acrylic underpaintings to get the canvas covered.  I will continue the painting in oil, and I will attempt to keep the end result loose, too.  I love a painterly quality in works; just not a big fan of especially tight paintings-although I admire the realists.

What is particularly fun about this approach, is that once the tough work is done- the work requiring left brain activity (which is always a strain for me , and why I beat a hasty retreat out of medicine)-one can put in "time out" the chatty, over- analytic left brain by, say, listening to an interesting podcast.  This frees up the right brain to take over and allow a more fluid, intuitive completion of the painting.  For me , this is where the painting really comes to life.  This is that zone where I lose all sense of time and place and self.

Thank you for checking this post out, and I will post the painting again once it's completed.

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