Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Decluttering art studios artists tips and recycling paintings by Colorado landscapes artist Tracy haines

In my never-ending attempt to de-clutter, I read yet another book on the subject called the life changing magic of tidying up by marie condo ( no caps in her book title)
I am starting to put some of her tips to use.  As you see in the photo, I have been hoarding art magazines.  I keep them, because I realize that a style I don’t care for today, I might be inspired by tomorrow. But my studio is starting to feel too cluttered again.  So, I’m slowly going through the magazines, tearing out paintings I like and filing them in a binder. The rest were heading for the trash- until I stumbled upon a neat idea.   I use brightly colored images from the art magazine to provide a backdrop for artist quotes that I  add to my paintings that sell online. 

I feel good about this, because I am recycling, and it’s fun to make things when I don’t feel like creating a work of art.  ( It's a great procrastination tool, if you're looking for one! )
THEN, the remains of the magazine go to the recycle bin.

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