Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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I'm halfway through the #30paintingsin30days challenge.  It's not easy; it's a bit harder than I expected.  However,  I've learned a lot in doing this and thought I'd share some of what's helped.

Top 8 benefits of painting every day

1) It gets the juices flowing. 
  Every artist gets in the occasional, miserable rut.  Burn out strikes and the last thing you want to do is get into the studio. I've found that the mere act of laying out the paints, dragging the brush across the canvas,  laying down a base coat of color , is often all it takes to get the inspiration and excitement back.  Ideas flow and pretty soon you can't wait to get to the next painting.  You're out of the rut.

2) Drawing skills improve
It's amazing how much easier it is to lay in a quick and accurate sketch  after several consecutive days of work.  I've found that if a week or so goes by, that initial process is much more arduous, stressful and un-fun.

3) Organizational skills improve
Knowing the time needed to complete, photograph and load up ( to eBay, blog, facebook, instagram and the 30 in 30 site) a piece of art,  one needs to organize not just  the studio and office space, but also  the day and week in general.  Life does not stop when one takes on a daily painting challenge.

4) Self discipline kicks in
No more excuses. No more laziness.  You committed to the project; you just need to get it done.

5) Joy and happiness escalate
Every artist will relate to this.  The artist MUST paint.  She's miserable if she doesn't. He's grouchy if too much time away from the studio passes.    It's interesting.  I find that if I do a lousy painting I'm in a lousy mood.  When I do a piece that works out well, I'm on a near high.  However,  if I put off painting for any length of time, for any reason at all , I'm in a much worse frame of mind than when I paint and have a lousy result. In this way, joy and happiness really do escalate!

6) Business improves
You are not going to sell what you do not paint.

7) One learns new techniques
Particularly when doing daily paintings of smaller works, it's easier to try out new techniques, new subjects, a different palette or perhaps a different support.  Because the piece is small, there is less of a risk of wasting paint or other supplies. When you stretch yourself, you grow, and it's much easier to do this when painting small and often.

8) Overall artistic growth happens
Try it and see. Log your first painting and check it against the 30th.

A Valley Day, 5x7 oil on canvas panel.  Bidding in progress now on eBay!
bid here

50% of proceeds from the month of September go to Extended Hands of Hope Colorado!

Thanks for your support!

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