Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Original Art Oil Painting Figurative Interior Still life Abstracted

Fifty Years Later
18x24 Oil on Canvas

Robin and I were best buddies at age 4. We lived on Miller Drive in Lawrence, Kansas. When I moved away at age 5 we promised to stay in touch always. Right.  Right? Well, crazy, but it turns out we did.  We wrote letters, then later, made audio cassettes to send each other.  We did this year after year all the way  through high school, then lost touch.  But about 5 years ago, Robin got in contact with me.  She was living in Austin.  I had lived in Austin in the 80's, and it turns out we had been living there at the same time but did not know it.
Finally, last summer,  I made a trip back to Austin to visit several college friends and while there I looked Robin up.  We met for drinks and appetizers at a wonderful Mexican restaurant overlooking the lake.  We talked and laughed for hours, both of us amazed that 50 years had gone by.  And that we'd actually stayed in touch over a lifetime without having seen each other in all the intervening years.  Funny thing, I left knowing that Robin would have turned out to be a very good friend, had we lived in close proximity.  We had quite a bit in common.  Crazy.

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