Monday, February 24, 2014

birds owls owl Tracy haines Original fine art for sale affordable pastel oil acrylic paintings on canvas wall art impressionism expressionism colorful modern mixed media abstracted

"Wise" is a 5x7 mostly acrylic plus pencil,ink and marker mixed media work on 140lb watercolor paper. I left a margin for framing with matt, if desired. Image plus margin measures 6x8".
Click Daily Paintworks if you would like to place a bid. Bidding starts at 99 cents.

I like this little guy's face.  Did you know that it is very difficult to determine the sex of an owl?
I learned this from reading a wonderful, intriguing book by Stacey O'Brien called Wesley the Owl.  I highly recommend this book!!!  I fell in love with owls after reading it. Oh, how I wanted an owl for myself.  Knowing this, my very good and wonderful friend, Kay, bought me a precious pet owl, (stuffed, but-oh well.... ) She left it on my doorstep with a lovely note. What a nice surprise to come home to. Thank you, Kay!!

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