Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tracy haines Original fine art for sale affordable pastel oil acrylic paintings on canvas wall art impressionism expressionism colorful colorado trees flowers floral red green blue purple mountains streams skies sunsets

Deer Creek Rhythm is a 5x7 mixed media painting using acrylic, marker, ink and pencil on 140lb watercolor paper.  There is a small margin around the image to allow for  framing with a matt, if desired. This piece is up for auction on eBay and through Daily Paintworks ( link to your right) and starts at 99 cents.

Driving along Deer Creek one evening, while driving my son Nick's friend home, I was forced to a screeching halt by this scene. The play of cool blues against warm willows just arrests me everytime!
Oh, the beauty of this earth!

Note to artists: Did you notice what I just noticed? The composition sort of slides the eye right down and off the left side of the painting, doesn't it? Don't you hate it when you inadvertently break a rule you are well aware of? I  bet lifting the tree on the left up and over the mountain, or sloping the mountain on the left up and to the left, instead of down would help. I will sit on this for the time being, and just try to remember the rules next time.

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