Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is the start of a trail I use to run with a friend, back when I was running like a crazy person. ( 45 -60 minute runs up and down through the mountains).  I have seen so many rattlesnakes on my hikes and runs.  My poor dog got bit once when I stepped right over what I thought was a branch in the path. When the "branch" moved, I screamed,  dog attacked snake, and rattler bit dog on the face.  She almost died.  We now have a very, very expensive mutt.  ( people love to point out that my dog gallantly saved my life.  This is the romantic view, but probably not quite true.)
I write all this hoping the name -ah! yes, Matthew Winters, would come to me.  Wow, over 50 and the mind just doesn't work quite like it used to.
This piece was painted at Matthew Winters with Plein Air Artists Colorado.  Fun group of artists.  Google PAAC and consider joining if you are a painter.
This piece already sold on eBay, and I hope the auction winner is enjoying it!
See more of my pieces if you would like to bid on my art at the  link below. My website link is visible on your right.
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